The Right Time to Maintain Your AC

The mistake in caring for the most common AC unit is the understanding that there is no need for maintenance of the air conditioning unit because it rarely uses AC. Even though the AC unit is rarely used, maintenance of the AC unit must still be done. To get the best service for your maintenance need of HVAC system, call the local air conditioner servicing singapore!

Although the AC is rarely used, the dust was used and while not used will remain attached to the AC filter. If you are negligent in caring, then when you turn on the AC unit it will usually smell bad and the air will feel dirty because of the fine dust blew from the AC filter. In addition, the AC filter also becomes dirty which will definitely make your AC unit will not work optimally. Therefore, make sure you keep taking care of your air conditioning unit even though it is rarely used. Try to keep your AC unit maintenance at least 3 (three) months and use the services of a professional AC service provider, such as CV Inti Teknik that will help you in maintaining your AC unit so that your negligence in caring for the AC unit will not harm you.