Know How to Treat and Care for the Wooden Fence

So, for wood including one of the exterior furniture that can add the aesthetic value of a house. Home with wooden fences can provide a more classy and natural look so that the use of wood as a fence is now increasingly in demand. For the appearance of the fence always looks perfect, the fence requires regular maintenance. The fence treatment is not the same as the iron fence. If you want to ensure that the treatment you will do is the right one and in accordance the need for your fencing type, then you can go to Wood materials tend to be more porous because they are susceptible to mold and termites. For that, here are some tips that you can consider to take care of the wooden fence.

Protect Fence With Anti Termite Material

As is well known, wooden fences are vulnerable to termites. Therefore, you must provide the right protection on the fence so as not to be easily porous. How, apply anti-termite material before the finishing of the fence. For further treatment, spray anti-termite on the fence periodically 6 months

Anti Fungus Liquid

Not much different from termites, mushrooms also become enemies of wooden fences. To prevent it, use teak oil or teak oil to prevent fungus. If the wooden fence already overgrown with mushrooms provide anti-fungal liquid. Previously, clean the moldy parts with sandpaper. After that, apply anti-fungal liquid and leave to dry. Then use a super gloss or high gloss

Did you know? The color of the wooden fence tends to be vulnerable to change that is easily faded and dull due to exposure to heat and rain. Therefore, the fence needs to be repainted. Before painting, sandpaper surface first wood until smooth so that painting process will be easier. Choose a paint that has anti-fungal and anti-termite ingredients, especially for paint, you should give putty on the surface of broken wood or crack before painted