In addition to Generating Oxygen, These Some Important Functions of Trees

The existence of the tree does bring good impact to the environment. However, it should be noted also that the trees are too shady will bring danger to human life. For that, you will need the services of a tree service that can help take care of the trees you plant.

In fact, in addition to functioning to keep the air fresh and clean the air, there are some other functions of the tree that you should know. Some of the functions in question are

– Trees can lower crime rates
According to a report published by the University of Washington, there is an average of 3,800 crime victims per 100,000 people in the US each year. But the existence of the tree managed to reduce that figure. Studies show that outdoor areas where trees have graffiti, vandalism, or trash than trees with no trees. The report also shows that public buildings with more trees have 52% less total crime, including 48% lower property crime and 56% lower crime violations.

– Trees can make money
In 2008, the Portland city government of Oregon began looking for ways to encourage its inhabitants to plant more trees. They decided that trees will provide incentives. Their research shows that a tree with a canopy covering an area of 312 square feet adds a value of $ 7,593 to the house in front of it. Also, add value to houses within 100 feet of the tree.

– Sources of food
Millions of people depend on food derived from trees, including fruits and nuts. Although trees do not provide a complete diet, trees contribute to the provision of food. It is now known that tree-derived foods add nutrients to rural diets and serve as a complement to other food sources, usually seasonal agricultural produce. For this way, tress will give you an emergency food, the dry season, famine and war.