Tips for Muslims to live in London

Being a Muslim in London is actually not difficult as long as it has strong intentions. Here are some tips that can be tried to be more comfortable living life in London, especially for students and travelers who intend to come to London. In the meantime, you can check out the English test for citizenship as well.

Have a prayer time reminder app on your smartphone

Now the technology increasingly plays an important role in facilitating human life. If during the voices of adzan from the mosque was the one who helped determine the time of prayer, then in London is not the case. The mosque is there, but it should not sound the call to prayer with loudspeakers outside. Therefore, the reminder application of the prayer schedule can be his successor.

Finding halal food is not difficult

Cook is the best choice to save money and be safer because all the ingredients and processes are known. Meanwhile, to find halal food is also not difficult, because halal butcher and many supermarkets also provide meat with the halal label. If you want to eat outside is quite easy because many restaurants that display a halal logo on the window, or just displaying halal certificates inside like KFC. The current condition is getting easier in finding halal food than about twenty years ago. Therefore, there is no longer any reason not to choose halal food.