The technique of Installing Stone Foundation Kali

The foundation is one of the main parts in the construction of a building, the strong weakness or the quality of the building is strongly influenced by the construction and foundation because the foundation serves as the foundation or foundation for other elements of the building on it so that the foundation must always be in a static condition, shifted both horizontally and vertically. A good foundation should be able to meet several conditions, among others, is to have a sturdy and strong construction so as not to easily occur scrape place and position. The second can adjust if there is a land event moving, expanding or catching up as well as other things that arise due to earthquake disaster. Therefore you need an expert who can help you in arranging the foundation of the house by contacting us through our website at .

Another requirement is if the land or land used to make the building have elements and chemical content either organic or non-organic then the foundation that can withstand the effects that arise while the fourth condition if there is sufficient water pressure then the foundation is able to withstand the pressure present so that no place shift can occur. Large water pressure usually occurs when there is a flood disaster. There are several types of foundations, but for buildings that only consist of one floor only, can eat the type of stone foundation times. This foundation uses the main stone material that is planted or installed into the ground, generally, this stone foundation shaped like a trapezoid and on the top has a minimum size of 25 cm.

This measure should not be equal to the width, otherwise, if it is differentiated, it has an effect on the accuracy of the installation of the foundation. This inaccurate installation may result in the main function of the foundation becoming subject to change and therefore the size at the bottom is always adjusted to the load on it, but the most common standard is about 70 to 80 cm. The stone that can be used is a diameter of approximately 25 cm if you get a larger stone size can be broken down first so that the installation process is easier to do and the results can be stronger, sturdier and neat.