Sempatkan Visiting These Two Places While in Saudi Arabia

Visiting Saudi Arabia is indeed a dream for some people, even learning the language is a dream for many people. In the website, you can learn Arabic language appropriately and quickly. The number of places there that can be visited Of course this is good news for travelers who plan to visit Saudi Arabia outside the pilgrimage or Umrah.

Then, what are the famous tourist destinations that can be visited in Saudi Arabia?

1. Archaeological site Mada’in Saleh
Mada’in Saleh is one of a series of archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia.
History says this place used to be a source of fresh water and attracted many travelers. People began to sculpt, shape, and make wells in this rocky spot.

2. International City of Al Tayebat
The city is located in Jeddah City and has its architectural charm and crafts.
Basically, Al Tayebat is a museum that showcases various items of Saudi Arabian cultural heritage in the past. With 300 rooms and 12 different buildings, the museum is made of limestone and blocks of this reef.