Aorus X3 Plus 6v, 13 inch gaming laptops for gaming enthusiasts

Who is the difference between gaming enthusiast and gamers? They’re all the same, but gaming enthusiast is a subdivision among the gamers and interesting in a game subject. Every gaming enthusiasts would look for the gaming laptop that met their standard, like 13 inch gaming laptops that popular now.

The best solution for gaming enthusiast who looks for 13 inch gaming laptops is using the Aorus X3 Plus 6v. It has 3K QHD Screen with 3200 x 1800 pixels resolution that will make you easy to enjoy the new experiences of gaming. It also supports anti-glare features and makes you amazed with the wide viewing angles up to 170 degrees.

Aorus X3 Plus 6v

The Aorus X3 Plus 6v has equipped with Intel Core i7 and followed by Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB of VRAM. So, that specification’s so amazing. Because today the 6 GB RAM is more than enough to play the high-rate games like Grand Theft Auto, Destiny 2 and Middle Earth.

Then, this 13 inch gaming laptops will be recommended for gaming enthusiasts who play a lot of games and need to save them all. With that kind of storage, it will be more than enough to store about all the favorite games, applications, and also some pictures.
Not only about the storage, this 13 inch gaming laptops Aorus X3 Plus 6v has a lot of useful software that can be used for helping you to enjoy the gaming experience as well as possible. Even though Aorus X3 Plus 6v is not coming from the popular brand of a gaming laptop, but it must be a good choice for the game enthusiast to play their favorite games. The keyboard is comfortable to use, the screen is wide, precise and clear.

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