3 Tips for visiting your dentist without fear

Odontophobia or fear and anxiety about dental care is experienced by about 20 percent of the population in various developed countries. Uniquely odontophobia is also widely experienced by people who have never been treated to a dentist before. The dark history of dental care, occurring prior to the discovery of anesthetic drugs resulting in hereditary tales of dental pain. As a result, although dental care is now increasingly sophisticated fear and anxiety about dental care are still common. Meanwhile, visit Wohlers Family Dentistry – Dentist Marietta to find a friendly dental service.

Fear often occurs not because of the trauma of tooth action but because we do not understand the dental procedures that we will receive. Summarized from various scientific sources, this paper describes tips to reduce fear so that we can be comfortable to go to the dentist:

1. Check it now

Delaying dental care until there is severe damage or until it aches will only extend maintenance time and increase maintenance costs

2. Understand the procedure

If you do not understand the dental procedures you will receive, it is better to ask in advance what action you will receive. Research proves patients who know the procedure of dental action will reduce your fear of dental care.

3. Believe

Once you understand the dental procedures you will receive the next step is to give your dentist full confidence. Your confidence in the dentist makes you calmer.